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The 2D Story Engine enables artists to create RPG / puzzle games without any programming knowledge. Written in Flex 4, the engine is easily deployable on web sites and playable by any browser running Flash Player. The 2D Story Engine is freely downloadable and usable for non-comercial ends.

Click here to see a playable demo
Click here to download the story engine
Click here to download the scenario builder

Main features
  • Simple architecture  makes the 2DSE easy to learn and use right after download
  • Wide functionality  is achievable by the use of just a few key elements
  • Easily deployable , just like a plain Flash clip
  • Fast setup of a scenario using the Scenario Builder

Limitations of version 1.0 - eliminated in version 1.1
  • Animated sprites are flickering when running backwards for the first time
  • There is no possibility of changing the color of the fade effect, or the colors of the message area and the screen title area
  • Not being able to fire triggers by hovering the mouse pointer over sprites
  • Redesignable UI was missing

Limitations of version 1.1 - will be addressed in version 1.2
  • The drawing area is confined to fixed dimensions 750x350
  • Coordinates 0x0 are not mapped to the left top corner of the drawing area

Under development


Scenario Builder v1.0.1
This version provides support for the new features added to the 2D Story Engine in version version 1.1 .

Additional features provided in version 1.0.1:
  • The scenario edit form allows modification of the cursor sprites path, menu sprite path, global fade color and speech frame font size
  • The fade color selector was added to the screen edit form
  • The sprite comment field was added to the sprite form

Scenario Builder v1.0
Sometimes, building a complex scenario can be hard. Long definition files are cause for bugs and misspelling errors. An artist should concentrate more on drawing than on writing scenarios. That is why a GUI scenario editor application is available. Using the Scenario Builder, one can easily create a game without knowledge of the XML language.

Main features:
  • Automatic resource managing through the Export function
  • Auto optimization of the scenario's runtime loading process
  • Prevents misspelling by using dropdown boxes and lists of values

For more information, see the tutorial pages

Version 1.1
2DSE 1.1 has been released on 2011-Jan-22. In addition to the baseline version (1.0), it introduces the following functionality:
  • Mouse in / mouse out events in triggers
  • Configurable color of the fade effect between screens
  • Configurable graphics on the dialog box and the screen name display box
  • Configurable font size of the speech frame
  • Sprite Comment - Rolling the mouse over clickable sprites which implement this attribute will cause the comment to be displayed in the screen name display box

Version 1.2
2DSE 1.2 will be released shortly and will mainly address the following points:
  • Configurable drawing area
  • Normalization of the coordinate system

Scenario Builder v1.1 under development
Because the scenario builder can be made easier to use, an improved version (1.1) is under development and will replace the outline version (1.0) when it will be ready.

Additional features provided in version 1.1:
  • Error checking tool
  • Custom XML code snippet objects for using features which are added to the engine after releasing the builder version
  • Editing by double-clicking instead of puhing Edit buttons
  • Help button on every form

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